Wine & Design: Legos, cheese and co-development

Learn what a handful of more-or-less strangers, a stack of legos and a financial advisor have in common.
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“Wine & Design” is a Selma contributor meet-up that invites clients and new guests alike to ideate how to make the sweetest financial advisor even better. 🤓


What happens at Wine & Design?

The bubbly Wine & Design afterwork series is all about good vibes, nice people, drinks, snacks and designing together. 

The design part differs a bit each time. What we do exactly, depends on what is going on in the service development at that moment. We might pick something from the roadmap, look for most important wishes together or, like in the case of the W&D on 18.9.2019, explore new concept ideas. 

While the design part of our laid back afterwork is real and serious, our team is also serious about everyone having fun in the process. 

I’m no designer...

Design is a big word, of course, almost a bit scary. 😅

Despite the title, no design skills are needed to take part in Wine & Design. In fact, most of the participants have no skills in graphics or web development whatsoever. 

They are, however, expects in something even better: using online services – and in the case of Selma clients, the financial service in particular. Because of this, everyone stepping in through the workshop doors come equipped with all that’s needed: observations, opinions and wishes. 


Wine & Design 18.9.19 – Cards, traffic lights and “red remarks”

So here’s what went down in September’s co-creative Wine & Design:

Apero & Drinks

Naturally. 😊

10 min – Lego-bridge-octopus icebreaker

Participants were asked to build, in 10 minutes, an interconnected, stand-alone Lego structure from their designated starting points. This was simply a fun thing to do together – and to get to know each other in the process.

Some context: Before the Wine and Design event, our team at Selma ran a Design sprint. The result of that sprint was a feature concept for our Selma app – a mockup of how this new feature could look in the service.

With the folks at Wine & Design, our team was curious to learn whether this idea is something people using Selma would enjoy.

10 min – First glimpse on the UI prototype

As a first step in getting people’s opinions on it, we simply asked everyone to look at the mockup print-outs and name the new view. This helped to get a sense about how people perceive it; what do they think the whole thing is about. 

15 min – Traffic lights

The next thing was a bit more challenging but also fun. Using a “card sorting technique” participants sorted a bunch of interest topics to those that were interesting, semi-interesting and “blaah”. They could also add their own favorites that were missing from the given card stack.

15 min – Why and what?

With a bit more sorting, the participants picked their personal top 3 favorites and wrote down why they like them. They also noted down what they thought these themes were about.

10 min – Teacher’s “red remarks”

As a very final thing of the co-design part of the event, we asked our active contributor bunch to look at the mockups once more. Playing the role of “strict teachers” they marked down on the mockup print outs what specifically they liked, disliked or would do differently.

More wine & soda

The evening ended with emptying our snack trays, drinking the rest of the wine and sodas, and chatting away about financial trends, procrastination and apple trees. And cheese. 😅

By the way, if you – as UX or service designer, manager or simply an enthusiastic human person – think that any of these would be interesting for your workplace as well, feel free to adopt any of them yourself. Questions about the details? Just leave a comment or ping Valeria for facilitation details. 👋

How to join the next Wine & Design?

To get invites for our cosy Wine & Design events, join the Selma Contributor group and keep an eye on your email box. Hope to see you there next time!