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Since the beginning we to build Selma together with people like you. Join hundreds of like minded others that have helped us on our journey to make investing a simple and everyday thing.



Join or host community events all around Switzerland. From afterwork meetups to our wine & design sessions with our product team.

Would you like to have a Selma event in your city?
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Hey Ladies🍸📉 👋

Join passionate women all around Switzerland and learn more about managing your money & investing while enjoying a relaxed after-work beer, red wine or a virgin mojito together.

Next Event:
19.9 Zurich: “Let’s get you out of money coma”
with Aysha van de Paer.


How to get involved

There are tons of ways to get active, but here are good ones to get you started.


1. Help to develope Selma as a contributor

Get early access to new features, share your feedback and check out our open product roadmap.

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3. Meet our team over a cup of coffee

Wana share some inputs and feedback in person? Then drop by at our office and meet our team. Just send us an email to hello@selma.io We will arange it then.

2. Become an Ambassador 💪

Help us spread the word and become a Selma hero at your campus, workplace or hometown. We will equip you with everything you need.

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4. Host an event

Ever heard of tupperware parties? Great! Let's host a Selma event together. Whatever you come up with, we will help you to get it done. Send us your ideas.


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