Nordic Startup Awards 2017


Selma is a Swiss-Finnish startup, a new kind of friendly private banker. We were selected as finalists for the FinTech Startup category. Previous winners of the Nordic Startup Awards included SuperCell, ZenDesk and Falcon Social.

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274 people have helped to shape Selma in its first 3 closed-beta months

Are you new to investing or do you find it frustrating? Good.

All you need to do to start is to chat about your life with a witty bot. Selma learns from the chat and creates your unique "investment planet". You can already see your planet and let Selma manage your investments with a closed invite.

Everything in Selma is about you – development included. Anyone who tries Selma can co-design their ideal financial service with us.

And you have – thank you! In the first 3 months 274 smart Swiss people wrote their suggestions. You are from all kind of level of investing know-how, age and profession. 

The people who give the most impactful feedback receive a special praise on the Selma contribution wall. Maybe there is someone you know among them? 


When 2 Swiss, 2 Austrians and 2 Finns went to a...

Wait, what? A Swiss financial service nominated as a national finalist for the Nordic Awards? Are we awkward with geography?

This is easy to explain. has a multinational team, based in two countries. Weather vice, Switzerland wins Finland 10-0.

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