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Stefan Jeaklin | Selma Finance | Review
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Stefan Jaecklin

Stefan was a partner of Oliver Wyman and responsible for the European wealth management division. He is an expert in portfolio strategy and also holds a Ph.D. in this field.

At Selma, Stefan takes care of overall asset management methodology – in other words: improves algorithms that buy and sell stuff.  🎯



I am Stefan Jaecklin and I am one of the very, very early investors at Selma.

I have worked basically all my life in the financial sector and thus have seen its ups and downs. Nowadays, I do what I enjoy most: work together with the creative minds of FinTech.

In addition to being an investor, I try to give insights and help out with my knowledge of the financial industry.

Selma is smart and strikes a chord with its honest and friendly communication.

How did you get to know Selma?

My first contact with Selma was through Patrik, the CEO of Selma. To be honest, I was skeptical about the whole thing at first. But I listened to his story and felt very quickly that Selma is something different – something new in comparison to what I had seen in this field so far.

The idea sounded special. It was really striking a chord with me. I saw that this team was working on some of the main pain points of the financial industry.

Stefan  and  Patrik  thinking about the next move. 

Stefan and Patrik thinking about the next move. 

I felt very quickly that Selma is something different.

What are the pain points of the financial industry?

Well, financial services are very expensive.

They also try to impress clients with jargon and things that the regular person doesn't understand – or wouldn't even need to understand.

Why should a regular person deal with comprehending all those graphs, figures and complicated pricing? 

Why isn’t it possible to provide a simple service that truly helps them through their life, for a clear and fair price? A kind of “Apple” of the financial industry.


What makes Selma different?

Financial services are very expensive and try to impress clients with jargon.

This friendly, clear and honest way of addressing clients is something that Selma is doing now really well and should keep on mastering. 

It's what I've been missing. 

Although there are many things and thinking happening behind the scenes, Selma explains the interesting stuff in normal words and doesn't try to impress with the complexity.

This friendly, clear and honest way of addressing clients...

What should Selma improve?

Selma [the bot] is not only charming but also very smart. 🤓

However, Selma is still a bit shy. Once the investment planet is set up and running, she hides her smart side and stops talking to me. 

I would love to hear from Selma more about the smart processes that happen in the background. Things such as how my planet is adapted to market changes, why those changes are done and how my personal life impact those decisions.

So much is already happening. I just wish that Selma would tell me more about them, in her clear and witty way of talking. 

So much is already happening. I wish Selma would tell me about it, in her clear and witty way of talking.
Team on the tram. 

Team on the tram. 

Stefan Jeacklin | GIF | Selma Finance

Bonus: What was your silliest investment?

My problem is that I am just a super boring investor. 🙈

And you know, my memory is also very selective. I am very very good at actively forgetting things which haven't gone well. Just deleting them from my mind makes it feel a bit better.