Interview with Selmas CEO - Patrik Schär

Interviewed by Mr. The Poor Swiss - Financial Blogger

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Recently Patrik, Selmas Founder & CEO, got interviewed by Mr. The Poor Swiss one of Switzerland's well-known finance bloggers.


Patrik talked about his personal experiences working in the financial industry, gave tipps for DIY-Investors and explained how Selma works.

“I grew up on a Swiss mountain called Rigi and used to be a banker for a bit more than 10 years before I jumped over to the bright side. Now I’m a founder of Selma where we aim to help you the different aspects of your finances and to provide an alternative to the evil guys.”
— Patrik Schär, CEO Selma Finance

About Mr. The Poor Swiss

Is it possible to retire early in Switzerland? This is the question Mr. The Poor Swiss was asking himself when he started the blog. He started his personal journey to financial independence in 2017 und you can read all about it on his blog.

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