Bye bye paper and post office – digital account opening is here!


Selma and Saxo Bank (Switzerland) have teamed up to bring digital account opening to you. 💪


Does starting to invest your money seem too tiresome with all the contracts and the walk to the local branch of your bank? We totally get it. Therefore we just launched our completely digital account opening process!

Selma is one of the first Swiss companies to implement online account opening for bank accounts. When everything goes well, your investment bank account could be open the same day! So, when somebody says “Yesterday was the best day to start investing”, you’re almost there! 😅

Patrik, CEO

Patrik, CEO

No bank appointments, no paperwork, no carefully timed walks to the post office.

From now on, you can open your investment account with our custodian bank Saxo Bank (Switzerland) within 10 minutes. 🎉


Just a few digital steps to open a Selma account

Chatted with Selma? Happy with your investment plan? Ready to open your account?

  1. Fill in your personal details

  2. Preview your contracts online

  3. Join a short video chat

  4. In chat: verify your ID and sign contracts digitally

  5. Get the confirmation about your new account

  6. Transfer money to your new IBAN number

    … and your account is all set.

The online verification service is open Mon – Sat, 07:00 – 22:00

📱+ 🎫 + 😉

For the online verification video chat, you'll need these 3 things nearby: your smartphone, your valid passport / Swiss ID card and yourself.

🇨🇭Selma is available for 18+ year old Swiss residents.


Details: Digital account opening process

We are using a FINMA compliant process provided by IDNow to identify clients online.


What about Saxo Bank (Switzerland)?

Saxo Bank (Switzerland) AG acts as Selma's custodian bank. Once you go through the digital account opening process, the investment account will be opened with Saxo Bank (Switzerland) AG - in your name.



Invest 10 minutes of your time now…

… and let Selma take care of your investments for the rest of the years to come. 👋