How much is a weekend city getaway for two?


How much is a weekend city getaway for two?

Selma compared prices in Zurich, London, Paris, Warsaw and 14 other European hotspots. It turns out the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive choice was more than 500 €.

Here are the key things we learned when comparing prices in 18 European cities: where transportation costs a fortune, where you can drink all night for next to nothing and where you should go when the budget is tight. For an in-depth overview, you can find the full report here.


From the most expensive to the cheapest — here’s what it costs.

#18 Zurich - the most expensive city. — 755,40 €

Zurich is a beautiful, but at 755,40 € also the most expensive location for a weekend getaway in Europe. Shopping at Bahnhofstrasse, checking out the Swiss National Museum and enjoying pralines at Lindt & Sprüngli, a weekend in Zurich is definitely a thing to do, but you need to reach deep into your wallet. 😬

#17 London — 702,02 €

Walking down Oxford street, a pint in Soho and enjoying South Bank at night, London is one of the must visits on every travellers list, but the British know their price. 🇬🇧📈

# 16 Oslo — 643,51 €

Surrounded by glassy waters, forests and hills, Oslo is one of the hotspots of Europe. The capital of Norway offers cultural highlights and iconic attractions such as the famous Holmenkollen. However, Oslo also features the most expensive food and drink prices. 🍽🍺

#15 Paris — 641,62 €

With the Eiffel tower, the Louvre and the Champs-Élysées, Paris offers some of the most iconic tourist attractions in the world. Together with its famous cuisine, Paris lives up to its name as the city of love. 😘

#14 Stockholm — 600,70 €

Stockholm is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. With its stunning nature, fourteen islands and Scandinavian culture, the capital of Sweden has something to offer for everyone. A weekend in Stockholm a must do, despite the high beer prices! 🇸🇪

#13 Amsterdam — 571,84 €

Because of its picturesque canal network, Amsterdam is also called the Venice of the north. Amsterdam offers tons of things to do during each season for every age group. The high hotel prices put Amsterdam at 13th place of our index.

#12 Copenhagen — 570,09 €

Its outstanding design, famous food markets and the hippie district Christiania make Copenhagen one of the most travelled destinations in the world. The city with the happiest people on earth is worth experiencing. 🇩🇰

#11 Helsinki — 533,50 €

The capital of Finland, famous for sauna, lakes and Santa Claus, has many cultural highlights and a beautiful landscape to offer. Of all Nordic capitals, Helsinki is also the most affordable one. 🇫🇮 👍

#10 Dublin — 496,34 €

The mecca for all Guinness lovers has far more to offer than great pubs and beer. There are endless reasons to love Dublin such as beautiful castles, its coastline and traditional music. 🍻

#9 Barcelona — 491,86 €

Barcelona has to offer whatever you heart desires. Great architecture such as the Sagrada Família or La Pedera, a beach to relax on and tapas bars on every corner. The cheap food and drinks make a weekend trip even more affordable. ⛱

#8 Brussels — 483,73 €

Eating waffles in the Place du Grand Sablon, wandering around Le Botanique or just window-shopping in the galleries Royales St-Hubert. Brussels has more to offer than just the European Parliament. 🇧🇪🍟

#7 Rome — 479,38 €

Rome is one of Europe’s oldest and most popular cities. With Pantheon, Colosseum, St. Peter´s Basilica, or Trevi Fountain, the capital of Italy has more attractions than most EU capitals combined. But Rome’s sights are just one of the reasons that make it worth a visit. 🍷🍕

#6 Madrid — 450,66 €

Madrid lies in the heart of Spain and churns with energy like only a few cities can. From the Plaza de España to the Real Madrid Stadium, this city is a must see for everyone. 🇪🇸

#5 Vienna — 436,99 €

The capital of music has the highest quality of living of all the cities in the world, according to studies. A walk trough Ringstraße reveals the beauty of this historical city. Besides history and art, Vienna offers attractions like the world’s oldest amusement park and the Zoo of Schönbrunn. 🇦🇹

#4 Berlin — 404,35 €

The Capital of Germany is a city full of diversity. On one side it is renowned for its variety of cultural attractions but on the other side famous for its trendiness, lifestyle and music. This variety makes Berlin one of the hotspots in Europe. 🇩🇪

#3 Prague — 350,61 €

Prague is the sixth most visited city in Europe. Walk trough the old town, view the Charles Bridge at sunset or enjoy the famous nightlife. Prague offers tons of opportunities and is among the top 3 cheapest travel destinations in our index. 🎉

#2 Budapest — 289,72 €

Budapest might be still an insider tip but definitely a must see. Filled with hipster cafes, astounding bars and historical architecture the city fulfills all travellers’ dreams. Besides, it is almost three times cheaper than one weekend in Zürich. 🎊

#1 Save a little money in Warsaw. — 257,45 €

Warsaw is unique. The city is not centered by an old market square, but rather the whole capital is spread across a broad area with astounding modern and historical architecture. Warsaw is in almost all categories the cheapest place to visit. 🎈🇵🇱


How did we measure it

The model weekend trip covers average expenses for hotel, lunch, dinner, transportation and a standardized sightseeing package: the main attraction of the city, a ticket for the main museum and a sightseeing bus tour. Flight tickets are not included. Prices are based on publicly available indices and price research. Indices like the Big Mac Index are used to make prices more comparable per city.


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