Two-factor authentication available for all Selma accounts

User request accomplished. ✅

The security of our clients' data is always our topmost concern. That is why (and of course because many of you have requested it) we have now launched two-factor authentication. It is a powerful and easy way to greatly enhance the security of your Selma account. It prevents attackers from accessing your account using a stolen password.

To turn on two-factor authentication right now, head on to your Selma user profile and follow the instructions. 🔐

Why should you care

When you are not using two-factor authentication, an attacker can get access to your Selma account by simply knowing your password. 

The most common way attackers get access to passwords is by hijacking an email account and issuing a password reset request.

If you reuse the same password for multiple services, an attacker can also learn your password if one of your other services are compromised and its password database leaks. Remember, never use the same password for multiple services!

How it works

Once you turn on two-factor authentication in your Selma account, you will only be able to log in by providing a "second factor" code after you have given your email and password. The second factor code is a code that you get from your phone either using an authenticator app or via an SMS that we send you.

We recommend using an authenticator app. The code can only be used once and it expires quickly.

Now, it is only possible to log in to your Selma account by knowing your password and having access to your (unlocked) mobile device.

Remember, that controlling the phone number you have given when you set up two-factor authentication is now a required key to access your Selma account, so if you change phone numbers for any reason, remember to turn off two-factor authentication first.

For further details, check out FAQ.


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What is happening next?

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