How does Selma differ from a classical robo-advisor? 🤖💸


When planning to invest money, you find a wide range of options to get you started. First, you need to decide how much you’d like to do on your own, and what steps you’d like to “outsource” to a service or a human being.

Depending on your decision, you can start comparing prices, tools and services. Today you’ll learn about 3 different options: Robo-advisors and private bankers, and Selma.


Selma combines the the service of a robo-advisor and a private banker

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🤖... stands for an online investment service that uses algorithms to pick and trade your investments. Robo-Advisors usually offer 5–20 standard low-cost portfolios and little personal support. 


Private Banker

🙎🏽... describes the job of a person who delivers personal service for wealthy clients (1 Mio+ CHF). In short, Private bankers pick and take care of your investments in a way that fits with your finances.



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🤓 Selma combines both worlds. Selma creates individualized investment strategies and uses algorithms to pick and trade your investments.


A detailed comparison

Robo-Advisor Private Banker Selma
Service fee (p.a) ~0,5–1,0% expensive 0,72%
Product costs vary vary av. 0,22%
Your effort low low low
Personalized Investments
Investment adjustments to market
Investment adjustments to life
Measuring under- and overvaluations ?
No kickbacks ? ?
Human support 👋
Step-by-step buying strategy ?
Full Transparency
Developed with clients

How are my investments picked?


Robo-advisors 🤖

... have standard basic investment ETF portfolios. In most cases, you'll either choose one of these portfolios yourself, or the robo-advisor assign you a risk category based on a few financial questions.

With robo-advisors, it's up to you to understand how the suggested investments work with your other financial situation – e.g. loans, savings, other investments... 🤔

Selma 🤓

Your financial situation and reasons to invests are unique to you. Selma takes a good look at each client's finances, so that everyone gets a unique mix of ETF investments.

Instead of making you guesstimate, Selma suggests you a mix of investments that match with your financial life, goals and the risk you want and can afford to take. 👋🤓


What happens with my investments? 


Robo-advisors 🤖

Most robo-advisors monitor the financial market automatically.

Robo-Advisors trade and tweak your investment plan (your strategy) with algorithms and little human involvement.

Robo-advisors don't look at your financial picture. It's up to you to make sure that the things you invest in make sense for you and the changes of your money situation. 🙄

Selma 🤓

Selma keeps your investments balanced with the financial market and your financial life. Like a Robo-Advisor we keep an eye 24/7 on the market, like a Private Banker we keep an eye on your financial life.

Whenever you update Selma about changes concerning your money (new job, mortgage...), we'll check your investments for you, so that you don't take unnecessary risks. 👍

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The best sides of both worlds

A robo-advisor is a modern way that can help you manage your investments. Trough the automatization of many processes it can offer it’s service for a better price then classical “offline” solutions.

Selma combines the best parts of private bankers and robo-advisors. You’ll get the efficiency from robo-advisors and a digital assistant that makes sure your investments match your life.