Selma’s April Fools’ prank rises to #1 on Product Hunt


The most personalized investments based on your private browser history. Things that you search online defines who you are. With Selma, you can now invest in these very same things! Sounds a little scary. And it is. What started as a little April Fools’ prank got to the front page at ☺️

Invest in your Browser history | Selma Finance

Tinder, cat videos and the incognito mode

For 2017 April Fools’ Day, our team at Selma came up with something special. We quietly built a new investment service. Hmm... quite a special one.

The idea: making personal investing a bit too personal.

Our faux service searches through your browser history and automatically invests in all your “true” interests.

These are (likely) cats, your most googled products, mobile apps you use, news sites you love to read and of course all the fun stuff you search for in private browsing mode. Everything automated, based on AI and recent changes in data laws providing commercial access to your browser history.

Here you can get to the Fake-Service in case you haven’t tried it out yet.

Selma Finance | April Fool Fake Service Search
The tinder one made me go, if I watch this with my gf I would be dead
— Reddit User

US-Senate provides the fuel

Thanks senate, now it’s already starting.
— Reddit user

The widely discussed decision of the U.S. Senate to provide internet service providers the possibility to sell users’ browser data provided the necessary spark to fuel Selma's April Fools’ Day campaign. Based on the law, internet service providers will get the right to sell information about users online behavior without their prior consent.

Selma’s April Fools’ Day prank was soon trending on Product Hunt and reached #1 the next day. In the end it became ranked even higher than products like Amazon’s influencer program or NASA’s Image and video library.

Selma Finance trending on Producthunt


But let’s get serious- what does Selma actually do?

Despite the April fools joke, Selma in fact provides a very personal way to invest your money - but we wouldn’t dare to start accessing your browser data without your consent!

Selma is a new effortless way to invest online, without going to a bank. All you need to do is keep Selma updated by chatting with our investment bot every now and then. Selma then creates your personal mix of investments and keeps it tailored to your financial life.

Currently, Selma is only available in Switzerland. You can get your invite here.


More awareness for your own data

Aside from all the fun, the goal of our little prank was to raise awareness for online data privacy.

In case you would like to know (or if you dare to have a look at) what Google & others know about you, here are some interesting tips and links how to handle your private data online:


  1. Check out everything Google knows about you and why you see certain ads based on that information.

  2. More detailed history of your entire Google activity history can be accessed here

  3. Get a browser ad on and opt out to avoid your data been tracked by google analytics.  

  4. If you would like to download all emails, contacts and YouTube videos Google stores for you, you can get them here.

  5. To protect your privacy from ISPs and internet giants like Google and Facebook, your best bet is to set up a VPN.