Selma’s product roadmap is now public! 🤓   


Let’s build Switzerland's most open financial service together.


TL;DR Selma aims to be the first financial service that is built together with its users. First step: the public product roadmap. See what others have suggested & what we're working on next. Join our massive design crowd: send your feedback to 💙

Remember investing? That boring, frustrating thing you probably should be doing?

Since Selma’s beginning last spring, we’ve learned a bunch about the frustrations with investing, but that’s not all. For us, one of the most exciting thing about those 350+ feedbacks was people’s sincere will to help and contribute – in every form imaginable:

  • timely questions via Selma’s chat

  • improvement suggestions via LinkedIn

  • screenshots to point out typos via WhatsApp

  • frustration survey replies via email

  • usability tests over some cups of coffee

  • … and even a several pages long PDF to analyse Selma’s UX! 💕

Selma’s contributor wall of fame was our first way to show appreciation.  

Now, let’s get your feedback to the next level.


Selma wants to be the first financial service that is built together with you

There are 3 things we ❤️  to do:

  1. Building Selma with everyone.

  2. Making investing effortless, clear and enjoyable.

  3. Being transparent and open about our work.

A roadmap is a high-level plan that shows how a service might develop in the future.

As we all know, plans tend to change. Deciding what to do next isn’t easy. The bigger the service, the harder it is to see in its every corner. That’s why we’d like to get as many opinions as possible. We believe that those who use Selma are also the ones that know best what’s important for them.


How does a public roadmap work?

At Selma, we are huge fans of Trello, a simple online tool to organize …well, anything. We use Trello for our daily work and now also for the public roadmap, version 0.1.

Without diving into intricacies of project management, here’s briefly how it works:



1. Suggest us anything!  👈

What’s missing? Is there something new you’d like to see or do in Selma? Does this one thing really get on your nerves? (Sorry about that.)

Write or ping us in chat, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. The Selma crew receives, reads and ruminates upon every small and big development wish.

Bugs and security questions are a whole different deal. If it’s something that’s broken, we’ll deal with it separately.


2. Cool idea pool +  saving things for later

Every week we go over, group and gather all the feedback.

Clear ideas that are getting momentum and are doable in the upcoming months are added to the idea pool – together with the feedback.

For practical reasons, we put some ideas aside for later – either there are other, more urgent things that come first or the idea needs more research.


3. What’s next?

The ideas that we’re planning to work upon in the next weeks are refined and moved to the “Doing” column.  

💡 Would you like to be among the first to see and try new releases? Join the early tester lab. Just send us an email to and let us know about your interest to try things ASAP and while they’re still “raw”. No worries, you can always unsubscribe.


4. Done!

Finally, the things that are ready, are moved to “Done” – like for example the improvement that shows how your investment planet did in the past. It has been one of the most requested things so far. A big round of 👏👏👏  for everyone who contributed to its making.

What do you think we should work on next? Write 💭


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