We got rid of the stamp duty tax 🎉


We have just made Selma's fee even simpler than before and got rid of the stamp duty tax. In other words, Selma's monthly fee is lower as the tax is now included.

The amount of stamp duty tax is difficult to estimate on a yearly basis as it depends on how many transactions are made. With Selma, you never need to worry about that.

Stamp duty, the secret profit-eater 😳  

The swiss stamp duty is levied when you buy or sell investments (or when someone does it for you) on the stock market. The costs are usually between 0.075% and 0.15% per transaction depending if the investment fund or stock is registered in Switzerland or abroad. Especially if you adjust your investments regularly, e.g. if investments are bought and sold automatically, this tax can get quite expensive for you.

Covering the stamp duty in Selma's monthly fee is our next step in making investing easier and more transparent for you.

Selma’s 0.72% yearly fee –  for a 10'000 CHF investment you pay 6 CHF / month – covers everything. You always know what you really pay.

Selma’s fee covers:

  • Stamp duty fee 🎉

  • Buying, selling & monitoring your investments

  • Analysis of over- and undervaluation in the market

  • Custody fee

  • Transaction costs

  • A tax report

  • Monthly savings

  • Add or take money out whenever you want.

On top of this, there are absolutely no extra hidden fees that you have never heard of but which are usually hidden in the fine print of bank contracts.


The only things that are not included

1. The costs of investment products that Selma uses are not included

The product fees are deducted automatically within the funds Selma uses. In the service, we show you exactly how much the fee of each product is and what the total costs sum up to. In average, the total fee is 0.22% per year and slightly differs for each user.

Selma selects the most cost efficient investment products from more than 3000 products by different providers. Selma is completely independent and doesn’t take any kickbacks – this means we don’t get any money for selling you specific investment products, were they expensive or not.


2. Fees that occur when exchanging money into other currencies

Selma invests across international stock markets and the funds’ prices can be in different currencies. This often involves money exchange fees. We constantly negotiate prices so that you save additional costs.

Reality check: What are the actual costs of investing money?

We compared Selma's fee for one of our users with the fees of his home bank. The result was pretty scary.

Help us make investing easier

Ideas, inputs or feedback? Just write us an email to hello@selma.io. Feel free to send us your ideas on how to make investing even easier. We would love to have you with us.

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