We're open for business!

Selma Team | Selma Finance

Exciting news ! 🎉  

The long hot development summer was worth it! 

Selma, a friendly personal investor, is now open for everyone in Switzerland.

You can now

  • Chat with Selma about your finances
  • Get a unique investment planet
  • See how your planet does with virtual money
  • Invest for real, when you're ready. 

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Let's make investing exciting together!

Investing should be something anyone could get excited about. That's why we have been building Selma with you from the start:

  • 300+ feedbacks from our early birds taken into account 💙  
  • 50+ contributors added on the Selma's wall of fame 
  • open.selma.io (version 0.1) published to give the first glimpses about our work