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New: in-app notifications
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Our users and clients voted on what kinds of updates they want to see about their investment planets. Now, a few weeks later, your top wishes are fulfilled! 


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Notifications show how things work under the hood

“How will you take care of my money?” is one of our favourite questions to get. It’s also one of the most important things to understand when investing. One (long) way to describe what Selma does, is explaining how we monitor the markets 24/7, buy things in steps, keep your planet in sync with your financial life and trade in a smart way.

The other way is showing it.

For that, we developed in-app notifications for the Selma web app – with the help of our clients. More than 120 people gave us a hand in figuring out which updates were the most interesting to see. 💙 

Survey: TOP5 wishes

Survey: TOP5 wishes

Trading, dividends and deposits

Selma’s real work starts when you transfer money into the service and Selma begins managing your investments for you. You’ll get updates whenever:

  • we buy or sell things for your planet

  • you get dividends

  • money arrives on or leaves your account


Market updates?

Long term investing needs time and cool nerves. Going through the stream of financial news can be overwhelming. That’s why, instead, you’ll only get very important market updates such as this one from January 2018.

I want to see market updates...

Help, tips & fun stuff

Sometimes you see cash not invested for a long time. – It would be nice to know the reasons.

All Selma users are now getting relevant little updates like tips, FAQ and other “good to know” -stuff such as why there’s cash on your account. From time to time, you’ll also get a ping about cool stuff like upcoming events and blog posts.


What is happening next?

Curious about the next updates we want to implement? You can find out more about what we are working on on our public roadmap

Any other updates you’d like to see?
Too much of something? Anything to fix?
Ping with your feedback.

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