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Oliver Eglin | Selma Finance

Oliver Eglin

Oliver is an experienced entrepreneur in the construction and telecommunication industry. 

Oliver cheers Selma on with his “get things done” attitude and valuable strategic foresight. He is a hands-on entrepreneur who knows how to run successful businesses and organizations.  🎯



My name is Oliver and I am co-investor at Selma. I worked several years in the consulting industry until I followed my passion to be an entrepreneur. Nowadays I have businesses in the telecommunication area and I also co-invest and consult startups which really want to make the difference. 

I was fascinated by the whole concept.

How did you get to know Selma?

I got to know Selma through referrals. It was at a pretty early stage and back then Selma wasn't covered in the newspapers, yet. 

Despite that, people who've tried Selma were intrigued. So I took a closer look myself and was fascinated by the whole concept.

People who've tried Selma were intrigued. 

What are the pain points of the financial industry?

Investing or the financial industry, in general, is pretty frustrating. Nowadays, there is so much information available all around the internet. That's why everyone thinks they are experts and can consult you. Without having actually a real clue about what they are talking about.

A “real” professional opinion is often biased because it comes from non-independent advisors. These so-called experts are paid to suggest you specific investments. That's why it is really difficult to know what to do. 

To be honest, I'd would like to limit the personal interaction with people when it comes to investing. 


What makes Selma different?

Most people think they can consult you without having a real clue...

Selma takes the interaction to another level, in a playful and sympathetic way. First of all, it feels natural to chat with Selma and the team behind it. It all happens on the same level. There's no status play – you can be yourself. Even though it's mostly a bot-based chat, it feels nice. 

I'm also fascinated with the algorithm behind Selma. Machines can pick up information way-way faster than any individuals. So it is impossible that a person can outperform an algorithm without speculating. That's why I really believe in Selma.

[...] it feels natural to chat with Selma and the team behind it.
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Bonus: What was your silliest investment?

I've invested a lot in my life. I've also listened to other opinions and it did not work out so well. I thought I had the right intuition in an investment product - and I was wrong. 🙈

In retrospective, I have to say it was silly to invest in something without a real market knowledge. Well, in that case, it was just gambling.