Sandra: "With Selma I can invest without this nagging feeling"

Customer Experience / Interview
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Hi, I am Sandra 👋  I studied Economics at the University of Bern. I currently I work as an Ad interim Manager. Outside of work I like to read, enjoy days at the mountains and, of course, spending time with my son.

With Selma, I don´t need an appointment. I have always access to my investments and I can take care of them whenever I want.



What experiences have you had with investing in the past?

I never wanted to let my savings just sit on a bank account. That's why I initially started investing in funds at UBS.

Trying to get a bank appointment after work was quite a challenge. It also felt like I needed to read 20 pages of small print to get prepared for this meeting. This was very inconvenient, especially after a long day at the office.

It was like being back at school where I needed to work, study and even prepare for exams at night. All this effort just to invest money, which I didn't needed at that point. 

It was like being back in school...


How did you get to know Selma?

Patrik, Selma's CEO, was one of my study colleagues back in the days. He asked me to check out Selma when the service was just starting, and I took a closer look.

Already during the studies I saw that Patrik had a friendly, uncomplicated and open personality. I felt that those characteristics were also reflected in the service. That's why I got comfortable with Selma very fast. 


... I got comfortable with Selma very fast.


What makes Selma different?

With Selma, I can invest money without this nagging negative feeling that I had before.

My previous experience with meeting a financial advisor felt like going to an exam at the university. I had to be very well prepared to get the best out of it.

With Selma, I can invest money without this nagging, negative feeling that I had before. I know that I don't need an immense financial knowledge to get things done. 

Also, I like the fact that I don´t need to make appointments. I always have an access to my investments and I can take care of them whenever I want. Everything is very clear and the graphs show me exactly how my investments are doing. 




How should Selma improve?

I current have a "classical" saving account for my son. It would be great to have a separate investment planet for him on my Selma account as well. 

It's going to be completely normal to do everything online, especially for the younger generations. An investment planet at Selma is way more "today" than a piggybank or a savings account. 

🌟 Bonus: Your investment story

I got my first investment experience through my dad. He invested in a very traditional way. I especially remember him putting money in the shipping company Hallwilersee. I think that's how it should go: you should invest in something you truly believe in. For me, that's Selma and the team behind it.




Ad interim manager, mother and a nature-lover. Sandra is one of Selma's contributor's and clients.