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Peter Klein | Selma Finance | Review

Hi, I am Peter. I am originally from Germany but I am living in Switzerland for already 5 years. 🇨🇭 I work for a BioTech company as Head of Marketing and I am a Selma customer since may 2017.

My first impression of Selma was great. 👍



How do you feel about investing and the financial industry?

First of all, I think investing is important. Especially now, when the interest rates are so low. The big problem is that the internet is full of different investment services. They are mostly unclear, which makes them seem a bit shady. At least that was my perception of them. 


For me, transparency is one of the most important aspects. I understand that I have to pay a small share to a provider, but I want to know exactly how much I pay and also where my money flows. This is the biggest issue with the financial industry for me so far. 

Many investment services are unclear, which make them seem shady.


How did you get to know Selma?

Honestly, I don't remember exactly how I got to know Selma. 🙈

I guess I somehow stumbled upon a post of Selma on Facebook or LinkedIn. But I remember that my first impression was great.

...the design was very appealing. 

The design, which you obviously will notice first, was very appealing. But what I recall best is that everything was very well described and easy to understand. Thus I got fairly quickly interested.

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What makes Selma different?

...honest and clear communication convinced me to invest with Selma.

As I have now 8 months of experience, which have been quite successful in terms of growth rate, I can say the biggest advantage of Selma is its simplicity and transparency.

You can see exactly where every cent is invested and what you are paying for. All fees are openly and clearly communicated, so there are no bad surprises in the end. This straightforward, honest and clear communication convinced me to invest with Selma.



What should Selma improve?

So far I am very happy with the whole service. I can't come up with anything that Selma could improve right now. Maybe if Selma could delude the financial market a bit. 

🌟 Bonus: Your investment tip?

Flocks make also muck!

Just save monthly a bit and you will be surprised (and be delighted) how much you can accumulate over time.

Peter Klein | Selma Finance | Profile

Peter Klein



Peter is Head of Marketing at a BioTech company based in Zug, Switzerland. He is one of Selma's early customers who has helped Selma with his feedback.




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