How should I invest my money? 🤔

Selma 1-on-1: How Selma invests your money


Stocks, loans, bitcoins or rather real-estate? The opportunities are plentiful when it comes to investing and still most people invest their money the wrong way. Often they take too much risk, invest in a couple of random stocks or bitcoin and forget that all investments should be in balance.

In order to help you invest the right way, you should especially remember these 3 points when it comes to choosing investments.


1. Your previous financial life

Do you like to keep your money on your savings account? Are you investing into stocks, bitcoins or fonds? Or do you even own your own house? 🤓

How you have been dealing with your money and how much risk you are already taking, has a big impact on how you should invest your money in the future.

Selma calculates how risky your current investments already are and matches them with the new chosen ones.

2. Your financial future

Do you rather identify as a skydiver, or do you really like knowing what's next at all times?

Everybody reacts differently when it comes to money. Therefore everybody needs to look really closely at how much risk their investments should involve. So the question of how much risk one should take is way more important than how much risk one might think one wants.

In order to make sure, you only take as much risk as you should, Selma looks at your emotions and reactions when it comes to crisis scenarios and loss. This way Selma finds out what kind of attitude towards risk you really have.

Let's chat for 5 minutes and I'll show you how you should invest your money.

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