Podcast: “A better and easier way to invest for the Everyday Joe”

The Nerd Entrepreneurs Podcast's hosts chat with Selma CEO Patrik about involving clients in the service design, why transparency matters and how to make remote teams work.

🏦 Big banks think about themselves. 👱 Startups think about their customers. And the differences in ‘customer appreciation’ are massive.

In the episode you will learn how you can build a startup that puts a heavy focus on customer feedback and transparency. And this even in an industry like finance and banking - where you usually need to pay your customers to talk to you.


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Startup Stories – The Nerd Entrepreneurs Podcast

Daniel Kunz and Michel Bürki love working on startup challenges and helping others grow their ideas into actual companies.

In this podcast the two Nerd Entrepreneurs collect “Startup Stories”; discussing with the founders about the challenges and successes in customer acquisition, marketing, financing, and more.

Kevin Linser