The best Swiss Finance Blogs ✍️💰🇨🇭


Blogs are booming! No matter what you want to read about, somebody is already blogging about it. But who is blogging about ETFs, shares, bitcoin and financial independence in Switzerland?



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We collected the best financial blogs of Switzerland for you.

Top Finanz-Podcast No1 - Finanzrocker

The Poor Swiss

Language? - English

Since? ~ 2017

Who? - Mr. The Poor Swiss

Since 2017 Mr. The Poor Swiss writes about his investment experiences, mishaps, learnings and biggest financial achievements. His blog is the perfect source for great investment tips, interesting interviews, and personal investment stories.

Top Finanz-Podcasts No2 - Vermögensaufbau


Sprache? - German

Seit? ~ 2016

Wer? - Thomas der Sparkojote

With 22 Thomas is the youngest financial blogger in Switzerland. You can follow his journey to financial independence not only on his blog, but also on Youtube and via his Podcast. He covers everything from stock recommendations to tips on how to live a minimalist lifestyle.

Top Finanz-Podcasts No4 Aktien mit Kopf

Retire in Progress

Language? - Englisch

Since? ~ 2016

Who? - Mr. RIP

The Italian software engineer has a big goal - financial freedom and early retirement with 43! How he wants to achieve those goals, you can find out in his blog. It covers everything from ETF 101, investment basics to financial freedom principles.

Top Finanz-Podcasts No5 - Geldbildung

Mustachian Post

Language? English, French & German

Since? ~ 2014

Who? - Mr. MP

Mr. MP is one of the founding fathers of financial blogs in Switzerland. His blog covers everything related to money and investing. If you still have questions left after reading through all the posts, you will most likely find the answer in his forum.

Top Finanz-Podcasts No6 - Der Panzerknacker


Language? German

Since? ~ 2018

Who? - Peter Zistler

Following the quote “Frugality is the biggest source of income” Peters Blog provides you with background information, suggestions & tips for the Swiss pensions system, trading facilities, banks, insurances & more.

Top Finanz-Podcasts No8 - Madame Moneypenny

Schweizer Finanzblog

Language? German

Since? ~ 2018

Who? - Stefan and Antun

The two private investors don’t want to sell any investment products or give you any dead-certain investment tips. However, they try to support you in making the best financial decisions.


Bonus: International Finance Blogs


The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar is a free resource for all things finance. Learn about budgeting, investing, credit, and more to take control of your financial destiny.

Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache is a 30-something retiree who now writes about how we can all live a frugal yet badass life of leisure. His blog is iconic and the source of knowledge for lots of future investors.

madame moenypenny.jpeg

Madame Moneypenny

Natascha Weglein has one big goal - helping women to become financially independent. In her blog, podcast & books she shares tips on how to reach your financial goals.


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