Market review 2018 – a year with many ups and downs 🙄


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Usually our market updates deal with specific months, markets or happenings on stock markets. Now, at the beginning of 2019, let's do a little reflection on last year's highs and lows.


This is how stock markets have developed in 2018

When trying to find out how well or how badly your investments have done, it is important to look at different stock markets. Why? Because this is a very helpful comparison and direction sign for "index following" investments like yours. Here’s how stock markets looked at the end of 2018 (and at the end of 2017, for a nifty comparison). 🤓


🇨🇭Swiss market

Swiss markets didn't do great. 🤔

– 10,15 % drop

SMI: Switzerland's 20 biggest stock exchange listed companies

💶 European market

The European market made a dip. 🐟

– 14,34 % drop

Euro Stoxx 50: The 50 biggest EU companies listed on the stock exchange


🌱Emerging Markets

Not a great year for Emerging markets. 🍀

– 16.64 % drop

MSCI Emerging Markets: 1,125 companies from 24 Emerging Markets

🗽US Markets

Surprisingly, smallest deep-dive.

– 6.24 % drop

S&P 500: The 500 biggest stock exchange listed companies in the US


What is my take-away from this?

2018 wasn't a great year for us investors. Fear of government changes, trade wars and tax decisions led to "panic sales" of stock. This also resulted in losses in markets around the world.


Most important influences 2018

👍 Positive

In general: If companies around the world are able to record profits, it's always good for stock market prices.

👎 Negative

Political uncertainties which influence the general conditions of how business is done.

For example: Tariffs, trade war between US and China, politically complex situations in United Kingdom (Brexit) and Italy.

🤓 Misc

Beat Feuz won this season's second Downhill race in Beaver Creek. Well okay, not really any influence on your investments – but still pretty cool! 🎿


What can I personally do in these conditions as a Selma customer?

  • Ups and downs can best be contained by saving and investing money monthly

  • Set up some long-term financial planning, look at 2019 as a whole. Maybe have the Selma crew do a little checkup 🔬?

  • Let Selma know if anything in your financial life changes and we'll adjust your risk level accordingly 👋


What can I expect at Selma in 2019?

Selma becomes increasingly smarter as your personal assistant. We'd like to support you even more in getting our financial planning in order without the massive hassle. Lots of our features are going to focus on this improved experience! 🙏

Soon you will also be able to adapt your investments to preferences and Selma might even become your central go-to-place to manage all your money matters.


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