Hello, Selma launches in Switzerland 🇨🇭


Investing is 😴 💤

It’s one of the most complicated, annoyingly priced, boring, impersonal and at the same time extremely useful activities out there.

Have you ever almost taken the time to finally do something smart with your money?

If you have invested before, our educated guesses tell us you were not filled with joy. If you haven’t, it’s not your fault. It’s all that horrible financial lingo, small print and the requirement for a borderline extreme passion to play with Excel sheets.

Investing = freaking easy

Regardless if you know a little or a lot about investing, with Selma it will become one of the awesome normal things you do in your life.

Selma is a new effortless way to invest online, without going to a bank.
We’re opening in Switzerland for the first early birds! You can request your invite here.

Quick confession first

We are those weird people (and an investment bot) with an extreme passion for playing with Excel – and some other a bit more advanced tools as well. More importantly however, our hearts pound for making investing delightful and personal, something anyone could get excited about. 💙

Here’s how it’s done

Together with Selma, you’ll create your personal investor profile. Based on that, you’ll get a unique mix of investments, which Selma picks from over 1.500 investment products out there.

In other words, Selma cherry-picks the investment products that go well with your financial life. While at it, Selma makes sure that you only take the risk you should and that you don’t spend money on expensive investment products. It’s like an online financial advisor… or even more like a financially savvy auntie. 🍒 🤓

Selma takes care that your investments always match your life situation.

We have a 100 % no kickback policy. In other words Selma does not get any money for picking one investment product over another.

And all of this is just the beginning!

So there … are we a match?  

Start investing with Selma, in case

  • You have better things to do than to follow markets

  • You want to invest well, without getting a freaking degree in finance. It’s okay if you have one already. 🤓

  • Complicated and hidden investment fees are evil.

  • Things explained in normal human language would be great.

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